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3 industrial use cases (and their associated ROI) to be dealt with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a real daily asset for Industry, especially on industrial sites where theusual cases follow a precise procedure, which is not always well carried out, but is nevertheless essentialfor the company from a safety, technical and economic point of view. Augmented Reality is a real virtual assistant for the operator on a daily basis to guide him step by step on tasks to be carried out. On average, we see a 50% reduction in turnaround time operations and an error rate reduced to 0 on tasks performed with an augmented reality solution.

Discover 3 use cases to be treated ABSOLUTELY with an Augmented Reality solution.

1. The LOTO (Lockout and Tagout) approach

According to the INRS, 43% of accidents related to maintenance, prevention or adjustment operations are due to an absence or error in recording.. The registration procedure, or LOTO approach, is therefore essential: a single error puts your operators at risk, can cause serious accidents and slow down your industrial activity and therefore your profitability.

The precision of an Augmented Reality solution based on the LOTO approach allows the operator to configure the machine in total autonomy in order to put it in safety, carry out its maintenance or control a specific point. A real source of know-how in real time, augmented reality guides the operator step by step and allows him to carry out an accurate, error-free and safe logging process without taking up a mentor's time to guide the operator.

The hand over of good practices ensured by an augmented reality solution also allows the constant upgrading of operators to the latest versions designed by the QSE department.

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2. The format change

In the case of format change on packaging lines, the time lost is often considerable: this is partly due to a poor access to information but also sometimes to a confusing industrial process leading to frequent errors,those, in turn, can lead to pieces' breakage  on the packaging line. Considering that, changing a defective part on a packaging line costs €10,000, so it is a huge loss of profitability which adds to an already substantial waste of time.

After deploying an augmented reality solution at one of our clients, the error rate has been reduced by 98.5%. thanks to numerical indications that display the right information in the right place at the right time and avoided an average annual loss of 200 000€ in breakage costs..

Thanks to the step-by-step guidance of augmented reality on the operator's industrial process, production capacity was increased by 27%. The client has thus gone from 550k of units produced annually to 700k due to a reduction in the time spent on format changeovers.


3. Operator training

In a classic training use case, industrial know-how is often handovered orally and paper maintenance protocols do not allow to find precise information quickly. The training courses taken by newcomers are relatively poorly assimilated and young temporary workers are not autonomous when they should be..

With an Augmented Reality solution, all the company's industrial know-how are in the AR glasses. The source of information is reliable, precise and constant with an augmented reality solution, where oral hand over is sometimes approximate between a trainer and a temporary worker.. New arrivals and young temporary workers are trained in total autonomy on essential operations and are guided in real time by digital elements.

They are quickly operational, which makes it possible to maintain a consistent and above all necessary production ratewithout occupying the time of an experienced mentor for training modules.


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