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23 March 2021

The augmented technician: dream or reality?

Industry is a sector in perpetual change. Ever since the first factories appeared, the...

14 January 2021

How to introduce 4.0 technology in your maintenance processes?

Industry 4.0 is a dream come true. Automated processes, robotized operations, autonomous...

13 January 2021

The 3 industrial innovations to follow in 2021

Industry 4.0 represents a multitude of innovations capable of improving your daily...

13 January 2021

Spectral TMS raises €2 million to finance its strong growth in Industrial Augmented Reality

13 October 2020

3 industrial use cases (and their associated ROI) to be dealt with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a real daily asset for Industry, especially on industrial sites...

01 October 2020

Augmented Reality in the service of preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance, unlike curative maintenance, consists of anticipating a problem...

01 September 2020

Optimization of industrial maintenance thanks to Augmented Reality

In the industrial environment, maintenance is an important issue because it ensures the...

21 August 2020

Augmented Reality: an innovative solution to stay ahead of the competition

Integrating an Augmented Reality solution into your site allows you to a considerable...

11 August 2020

Industrials: build a reliable and profitable Augmented Reality project!


3.3 billion$ will be invested in Augmented Reality by European industries by the end...

22 July 2020

3 reasons to integrate Augmented Reality in your industry

The emergence of new technologies is a bairgain for the industry. The emergence of...

20 July 2020

Augmented reality: the 5 levels of industrial maintenance in companies

In the industrial environment, maintenance is an essential element for the proper...

16 July 2020

AR Solution for Industry 4.0: How to deploy it successfully?

A concept linked to the current industrial revolution and a theme that is on everyone's...

09 July 2020

The new revolution for Industry 4.0: HoloLens 2 from Microsoft

Announced in February 2019, HoloLens 2 from Microsoft is finally available for...

18 June 2020