Nicolas Houillon

Nicolas Houillon - Operational Excellence 4.0 Partner

The Spectral TMS solution is the perfect answer to this digitally enhanced consulting concept. Augmented reality applied to the world of industry, and maintenance in particular, brings a multitude of uses that perfectly complement our business expertise. In addition, Spectral TMS is a dynamic, robust start-up that listens to our customers to help them evolve their solution. The partnership seemed obvious to us.

What is the Spectral Partners Program?

With the Spectral Partners Program, our ambition is to pool our respective expertise in industrial performance and Augmented Reality to serve innovation projects in Industry 4.0. Joining this program means creating the synergies required by French industries to maintain their leadership in their respective markets.

You know the methods, we know the technologies: let's work together to multiply the value of our offers tenfold!


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Our historical partner

Quaternaire is a consulting and training company in Management and Organization with a strong expertise on Operational Excellence in all its dimensions (Maintenance, Flow, Quality, Performance Management, ...). For 2 years now, it has been offering its clients consulting services enhanced by digital technology, integrating 4.0 industry solutions to go further with their "classic" know-how.

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