FAQ on Industry 4.0 Augmented Reality


  • How long does it take to create a scenario/operating mode?

    The time it takes to create an operating mode depends on the number of steps in your process and the instructions that it contains. To give you an idea, a 10-step process will take around twenty minutes to implement including text, the creation of machines and components and the insertion of media.

  • Spectral relies on a solution where the user experience must be perfect. We are convinced that innovative technology should be taken up by everyone as quickly and as easily as possible.

    The implementation of our augmented reality solution requires no particular technical skill, just knowledge (of the processes or operating modes) and time to adjust to the augmented reality headset. After 2 or 3 uses, you will be completely familiar with the headset. As far as the Spectral Studio content creation platform is concerned, it’s as simple to use as word processing software.

  • You can update any content whenever you want. To do so, simply log on to the Spectral Studio platform, click on the operating mode in question and edit the required text directly. Everything is saved and updated immediately on the platform and in the augmented reality headset.

  • Positioning your instructions in the real-world environment is very simple. After building your operating mode on the Spectral Studio platform, put on your augmented reality headset, go to the location where the scenario is to be played out and launch Spectral. The application will then scan the environment where you are in 3D and position a reference 0 automatically.

    Next Spectral will display the different elements to be positioned on the basis of your scenario in your field of vision. By clicking virtually on each element, you will be able to control them and superimpose them on the real environment.

    E.g. You need to position a machine 1. You will enter the hologram reference created by Spectral manually and position it in front of machine 1 in your factory. Once you are happy with the position, you confirm it and that’s it!

  • The Spectral solution, Industry 4.0 technology, was designed to interface with any database or software in place at our customers’ premises. We can provide our open API or connect to yours. Spectral will automatically upload all the data in your tools.

  • The deployment of Spectral is almost immediate. It will all depend on your IT policy (we need an Internet connection with the first launch at least but it is also possible to use the 4G module) and the resources available to manage your project.

    In concrete terms, it takes around 20 minutes to create your first operating mode (it all depends on the length of the process of course), 10 minutes to position the points of interest in augmented reality (instructions, machine references, media etc.) in the real-world environment.

  • The first use of an augmented reality headset can be confusing. You need to get used to having information displayed in your field of vision and to familiarise yourself with the initial movements: entering a hologram, pivoting it, enlarging it, moving it. Once you have completed this first step, using the headset becomes more and more natural. After two or three tries, operators are very comfortable and can reconcile work, augmented vision and precision movements to carry out their task.

    Of course, the headset will be easier to use by 'digital natives' but don't be fooled by the concerns that your more experienced operators may have. The best way to convince them and push for the use of augmented reality is to try it out!

    We find naturally resistant technicians among all our customers. However, we very quickly win them over by getting them to use the solution! They see the benefits immediately: working hands free, with step-by-step support and confirmation of each task performed. It’s both reassuring and gratifying: the technicians use a technology that helps them fundamentally in their work and increases their skills and efficiency.

    The key is to involve them and, above all, to listen to what they have to say! Use satisfaction questionnaires, highlight points to consider and share the results with Spectral if necessary.

  • The search for use cases is the key step in the process of deployment of an augmented reality solution. Spectral can support you in finding use cases that will generate a rapid ROI. In general, you need to look for production or maintenance operations that generate:

    • the most time spent
    • operator concerns
    • machine downtime
    • waste and scrap
    • quality defects
    • high service costs
    • the regular intervention of experts
    • uncertainty and risks

    By targeting these operations, you will be able to create operating modes that will be displayed in the field of vision of the operators concerned. The use of augmented reality will solve most of these productivity or quality issues.

  • A minimum Internet configuration (WIFI, 4G) is needed to be able to use the Spectral STUDIO platform that enables you to manage your operating modes, media, reporting, etc. It is only accessible from an Internet browser.

    Use of the Spectral VIEW application only requires a single connection to the Internet to be able to “load” the content created on Spectral STUDIO. Once this first connection has been established, you will be able to use Spectral VIEW from your augmented reality headset offline.

    However, an Internet connection will be needed after each change made to the operating modes that you want to use on Spectral VIEW.

  • Yes, offline mode is available on our augmented reality solution. See “Does your solution need a good connection?”

  • Several options are available to you if you want to test the Spectral augmented reality solution quickly:

  • The Spectral augmented reality solution makes it possible to activate performance leverage:

    • Reduction of time spent performing an operation
    • Decrease in error rate on the operation
    • Development of operators’ skills
    • Economic impact of these three levers (savings on the costs of an operation, quality, training, errors, machine downtime etc.)
    During the Spectral solution test, we recommend that you monitor these indicators to fully realise the impact of this tool. At the same time, it will be useful to assess user satisfaction, in particular the acceptance of the technology, how easy it is to use, the operator's level of confidence in performing a task or whether they prefer the situation before or after.
  • Spectral's simplicity lies in the fact that it is easy to use. We give our customers the opportunity to manage the entire deployment themselves. Therefore you can create or edit your operating modes and content simply and quickly without the help of Spectral TMS.

  • The Spectral solution is available from €400 excluding tax per month with no commitment. This format includes a half-day of onboarding online.
    If you want to have more operating modes available or have access to numerous features, you can opt for the PRO version at €1,100 excluding tax per month or €11,000 excluding tax per year.
    See prices

  • Spectral works mainly with global French industry leaders. For confidentiality reasons, some of them prefer to remain anonymous. You can view our customer cases here, however. For site visits or references, please contact us at this address.

  • Microsoft now sells an industrial version of its augmented reality headset. This version is compatible with ATEX zones. Be sure to order this industrial version only. Standard HoloLens 2 headsets are not ATEX compatible.

  • Spectral interfaces with all solutions deployed on your site whether it is CMMS or IoT, the exchange of data is possible thanks to our open API or yours.

  • You need to enter your operating modes on the Spectral Studio web platform. Importing files is not yet possible. You do have an export feature, however, that allows you to centralise all your processes on our platform.

  • The media formats supported by our augmented reality solution are: jpg, jpeg, png, mp4, avi, wav, pdf, obj, fbx, 3ds, stl. For any additional compatibility requirement, please contact us.

  • Whichever package you choose (Starter or Pro), you can add as many steps as you wish to your operating modes.

  • You do not need one augmented reality headset per user at all. Only registered accounts are mandatory to be able to connect to the Spectral View application using goggles.

    The rate of use of augmented reality headsets in your different processes, their duration and location will determine the number of HoloLens headsets you need to buy.

  • Spectral does not have remote video assistance features. In fact, experts no longer need to intervene as they have created their operating modes to share with the operators. However, we are able to deploy a third-party solution on request.

  • 3D modelling of the environment is not needed to use Spectral. Thanks to the augmented reality headset, it is the solution itself that will scan your environment in 3 dimensions to model it.