Deploying an augmented reality solution, the route to 4.0

Simply test or deploy your industrial augmented reality solution, we are here to support you.

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Solution 1: Focus on a use case, it's quick and easy

Like every disruptive technology in the era of Industry 4.0 and the factory of the future, understanding the subject of augmented reality can be difficult. What are the use cases of augmented reality? Is this Industry 4.0 solution really useful? I don't have automation yet, why should I deploy augmented

Based on the experience of our customers, the easiest way to understand this solution is to test it over the course of a few weeks on a known use case. To do so, we guide you towards the types of use generating the most ROI. We assess the operations on which the economic impact of augmented reality will have the most potential, along with you, of course:

  • which operations generate most errors and non-performance?

  • which production or maintenance procedures are not mastered?

  • which are your main sources of productivity loss?

  • which stations generate most costs?

  • which operations impact your production deadlines the most?

Based on this initial analysis, we will be able to determine the best use case to test and deploy your augmented reality solution quickly (see the “Starter” or “Pro” offer price).

The main aim of this approach will be to prove the returns on investment of your Spectral augmented reality solution, beyond the search for use cases. By measuring the reduction in errors and time spent on one or more operations, we will be able to calculate the financial savings and operational gains for your teams. To achieve this, the Spectral solution has a simple but powerful reporting and analysis tool providing you with key operational data such as:

  • the total time spent on your processes

  • the time spent on each task/step of the process

  • the time spent per operator on each task/step of the process

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As a result you’ll be able to analyse the critical points and make decisions to optimise your digitalized operating modes or to improve the processes of each technician.

Once these two phases are complete (search for use cases and confirmation of the ROI), you hold all the cards to optimise your regular production or maintenance processes. You increase productivity and improve quality and, above all, the skills of your employees are optimized by using 4.0 technology, which makes their tasks easier to perform and more attractive. Your industrial processes are standardized, know-how is consolidated and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) optimized.

Solution 2: Test on a large scale, confirm and deploy your augmented reality solution

If the deployment of an augmented reality solution is a real strategic challenge for your company as it has been identified as a source of significant savings, we recommend you explore it in a Pilot phase (see “Insider” offer price).

This approach will allow you to test and experience our solution whilst benefiting from everyday support from our teams. Following the example of any deployment of an Industry 4.0 solution, this approach will allow us to drive all operating levers together, ensuring the project's success.

A planning phase for your 4.0 project will be necessary with the appointment of a Project Manager from your teams and the definition of performance objectives and indicators (ROI, Productivity, Quality, OEE, Total Return, etc.) in particular. This person will need to be the main representative for Spectral TMS with the teams in the field but also with Management. It is essential to include a Project Manager for the launch and follow-up of the pilot in order to optimise everyone's time and ensure the smooth deployment of your augmented reality solution.

Once the project has been planned, we will test different use cases while involving and training the teams working in maintenance, production, quality and ongoing improvement or methods depending on your problems and opportunities in the field. Throughout this phase of testing and improving procedures carried out in augmented reality, we monitor the different performance indicators at your side and implement leverage where necessary.

Our augmented reality expert supports you and answers all your technical, organisational or managerial questions. In addition, the involvement of the Team Managers is vital. You will obviously have to ensure they are involved in this augmented reality implementation project as they will be impacted directly. They will also be your first-line support staff! When the results are rapid and the gains real, managers readily participate in the project and their involvement is total.

After this testing and learning phase, your project takes shape! You can deploy your 4.0 technology on the use cases that demonstrated the biggest economic, operational and sometimes even social impact. The start of production is a smooth process as all the operations will have been tested and approved.

Once deployment is complete, we remain at your side to help identify optimisations and listen to your product feedback in order to improve our augmented reality solution. This will also include addressing multi-site deployment opportunities if this is part of your group roadmap. In this case, we consider the technical and commercial levers together to ensure availability of the Spectral augmented reality solution at all your sites across the world.

What are the key factors of success of an Industry 4.0 project?

To ensure the deployment of your Spectral augmented reality solution whatever the approach taken, several important points should be taken into account:

  • Be clear about the challenges and desired benefits

    and measure their results at each key stage of the 4.0 project

  • Involve the teams

    from Management to the teams in the field
    to ensure all stakeholders are aligned

  • Support employees

    in the changes of practices and attitudes

  • Adopt a “test & learn” approach

    to make the most of the solution