The technician's augmented reality Assistant

At last, a simple tool to digitalise your production and maintenance processes! Spectral provides your technicians with step-by-step guidance in their daily tasks. 

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Augmented reality by Spectral TMS
  • Immediate ROI
  • Very easy to understand
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The SaaS augmented reality solution for all industrial uses

Improve your OEE with Spectral.

Spectral is an industry-dedicated, SAAS augmented reality solution. It allows you to reduce machine downtime and improve overall quality by guiding your technicians through all types of industrial processes step by step. Thanks to industrial digitalisation, you optimise all your production and maintenance processes as well as the training of your technicians. Start now and boost your industrial performance immediately with augmented reality.

Augmented reality in Production

  • Series, format, recipe, formula, etc., changes
  • Quality control, final inspection
  • Line clearance

Augmented reality in Maintenance   

  • Calibrations and settings
  • Lockouts
  • Rounds and inspections
  • Preventive and curative maintenance

Augmented reality in Training

  • Training of new hires
  • Development of skills
  • Transmission of know-how
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Deploy augmented reality in less than 1 hour.

And increase productivity immediately.

Spectral is a simple, intuitive augmented reality solution deployable by anyone in record time. Highly accessible, you create your operating modes autonomously. Your technicians benefit from the best enterprise skills via their augmented reality headsets.

1 Digitalise

Create your operating modes (in production and maintenance) on Spectral Studio in just a few clicks. Once your content is created, the platform takes care of everything and transforms your machines, components, instructions and media into augmented reality elements automatically.

Everything is done to simplify the task for you as much as possible and help you to create your own processes.

2 Position

Equipped with your augmented reality headset, go and position the augmented reality elements in your real-world environment with ease. You will soon be comfortable in this new environment as our application is so easy to use.

The Spectral View application supports you throughout, you simply need to let yourself be guided.

3 Use

Still wearing their augmented reality headsets, your technicians are now guided step by step about which operation to perform (list of tasks), how to perform it (written instructions and media) and where to perform it (visual markers).

They work hands free with all this information provided directly in their field of vision.

The handover of their know-how is easier as the Spectral augmented reality solution guides them throughout their work, so limiting the possibility of handling errors.

4 Analyse

Spectral allows you to analyse very simply the operation times and warnings escalated, using a powerful reporting tool.

With augmented reality, you anticipate any issues on each production line and minimise the risk of human error by facilitating the work of your technicians.

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Use Case Biomérieux
Use Case Biomérieux

An immediate ROI for augmented reality.

In the end, it's the results that count.

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Following the example of our industrial customers, increase the performance of your processes and ongoing improvement projects tenfold whilst perpetuating your know-how. Spectral TMS’ augmented reality solution allows you to make instant savings and save time on major operations.

  • Right first time

    99% fewer execution errors

  • Saving time

    80% reduction in execution time

  • picto-economies

    Saving money

    60% lower operating costs

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Simple features, accessible to everyone.

A tool developed with our customers, for our customers

The Spectral augmented reality solution is based on a combination of two applications: Spectral Studio and Spectral View. With these applications, you can enter Industry 4.0 directly where the organisation of each process is anticipated and standardised. 


Spectral Studio

Web platform accessible from any browser to create, edit and manage your content.

  • multi-site, multi-building and multi-room management

  • assisted creation of operating modes

  • numerous types of steps (action, checklist, warnings, QCM, etc.)

  • media library - all formats (photos, videos, 3D, documents, etc.)

  • reporting tool


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Spectral View

Augmented reality application that makes it possible to display and interact with the content created on Spectral Studio in the field of vision of the operators.

  • Available on the Microsoft HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset

  • list of operating modes

  • step-by-step guidance

  • display of visual markers (machines, components, directional arrows, etc.)

  • display of instructions

  • display and reading of media

  • confirmation of tasks performed

  • escalation of warnings


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Supporting you in your augmented reality project is also our job

Spectral TMS offers you support packs depending on your needs and your project. From help in finding use cases, ROI calculations to training your operators, we are at your side whenever you need us.

Always here to help, our aim is to enable you to grasp all the features of augmented reality tailored to your industry, with ease. 

We pay particular attention to our customers’ satisfaction. 

We also remain close by throughout the deployment of our augmented reality solution. Owing to our experience with numerous industrial companies, we provide you with valuable advice to help with the ongoing improvement of your processes.

Spectral TMS also provides support 5 days a week and answers all your questions in the shortest possible time.

Enter the industry of the future where people remain at the heart of the process, supported by augmented reality. Standardise the tasks and skills of your technicians with the Spectral solution to reduce errors and failures and to optimise your quality and productivity. 

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