Why implement the Spectral solution in your Industry?

The Spectral solution allows you to project the right information into the user's field of vision at the right time thanks to Augmented Reality. Digitize your different maintenance, training or even production protocols in just a few clicks! Once this digitization is done, your employees will be able to perfectly carry out all the tasks required with a time of realization. standardized.

Thanks to the Spectral TMS solution, everyone becomes an expert!

Grâce à la solution Spectral TMS, tout le monde devient expert !

  • Optimize your maintenance
  • Increase your industrial performance
  • Improve your training
  • Boost your operators' productivity
  • O error, machine downtime reduced
  • Standardization of the realization time of all your protocols
  • 50% reduction in learning time
Available from a simple web browser, the Spectral Studio platform allows you to create your Augmented Reality content easily and in total autonomy.
Our clients are able to digitize their operating procedures in 30 minutes. Without IT development skills, employees can now digitize their various protocols themselves. To these protocols, it is possible to add digital elements called media (video, photo, audio, 3D model, ...) in order to facilitate the understanding of the operating procedures.

Generating reports directly on Spectral Studio also makes it easier for you to track the activity of your teams. These reports allow you to identify the best practices of your operators and share them with all your teams later on.

Spectral View is the part of the solution that allows the display, in Augmented Reality, of the elements created from Spectral Studio directly in the field of vision of your collaborators.

Your employees will simply have access to the right information at the right time so that they can carry out the various protocols without any errors, and at the same time do so in the shortest possible time and in compliance with the various security measures.

In concrete terms, Spectral View guides your employees step by step through the control framework, for example. It is possible to add a picture of the standard condition of a machine and at a glance the operators are able to spot a non-conformity.

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What are the returns on investment?

As experts in Augmented Reality in industrial environments, we help you to identify the use cases with the most important technical and economic benefits.  

The Spectral solution addresses maintenance, production and training issues. Through its use, your maintenance and production staff will become experts.

  • 25% reduction in execution time
  • Error rate reduced to 0 and machine downtime greatly reduced
  • Learning and companionship time divided by 2
  • Increase your industrial performance
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