A powerful solution, fast earnings.

Spectral adapts to each project, to each customer. We offer different packages, to help you achieve your profitability objectives as quickly as possible.



    • Spectral Studio + View license
    • 5 « Author » account
    • 20 « Operator » accounts
    • Maintenance 5 day a week
    • On-boarding : 1 day


      • Pilot phase: training day, monitoring, management of multi-phase projects and evangelization of AR
      • Spectral Studio + View license
      • 5 « Author » accounts
      • 20 « Operator » accounts
      • Dedicated Success Manager
      • Unlimited processes
      • Maintenance 5 day a week


        • Pilot phase: training day, monitoring, management of multi-phase projects and evangelization of AR
        • Spectral Studio + View license
        • 5 « Author » accounts
        • 20 « Operator » accounts
        • Dedicated Success Manager
        • EU/UX workshops, data connectivity and exploitation
        • Unlimited processes
        • Maintenance 5 day a week
        • Options

          • Additional « Author » account 
          • 10 additional « Operator » accounts 
          • 10 additional processes for Starter 
          • HoloLens 2 rent 
          • On-boarding on site for Starter (1 day) 
          • Support for digital processes set up (2 days on site)
          • « Author » user training (1/2 day on site) 
          • « Operator » user training (1/2 day on site) 
          • Extra man day 



        • For how long am I committed and are subscriptions tacitly renewed each year?

          Spectral offers packages with commitment and with no commitment. The monthly package allows you to learn about augmented reality with no commitment. In other words, you will be able to test use cases and check their Return on Investment before you commit! If you do not want to commit and want to keep on a monthly plan, you can do that too.
          Tacit renewal applies to annual subscriptions. To withdraw from your contract, simply request to do so 90 days before the expiry date.

        • It all depends on your resources for managing your project internally. If you have a Project Manager dedicated to the implementation of augmented reality, you will clearly need less support than if the project is led by operators in the field. Please contact the commercial team to make the best assessment of your needs.

        • To calculate your return on investment, data such as the number of errors during the process, the time spent, the cost of machine downtime, the cost of quality failures, etc. should be taken into account.

        • Of course you can commit for several years. To do so, contact Spectral’s commercial team who will offer you a suitable price.

        • Spectral has selected the best partners to provide you with HoloLens 2 augmented reality headsets. By clicking on the dedicated link above, you will be redirected to our partners’ sites automatically.

        • Our partner suppliers of augmented reality headsets also offer you monthly rentals for short-term use. If you plan to deploy operations in augmented reality, we recommend that you purchase headsets as this will be more profitable in the medium term.

        • Spectral currently works exclusively with Microsoft's augmented reality headset, the HoloLens 2. It is quite simply the best headset on the market for processing and using augmented reality data in industrial operations.

        • If you have a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset in the general public or industrial version, you can use Spectral! To do so, simply visit your headset store and download the Spectral application. To create an account, contact us!

        • Spectral offers you an augmented reality solution that consists in superimposing digital elements (holograms) on the real-world environment. Virtual Reality offers you a completely different experience consisting in immersing you fully in a virtual environment. Therefore the environment does not exist, you change worlds! As a result, the headsets corresponding to one of the uses cannot be used for the other.