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Replay webinar - Increase your OEE with industrial augmented reality

The optimization of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key issue for any industrial company. The levers can be numerous: continuous improvement, lean, maintenance, lead time reduction, etc. The objective? Tend toward 100% quality, productivity and availability.

Driven by the production teams, who are responsible for this objective, some projects are also the result of collaboration with other departments such as Innovation, Digital, or Industry 4.0, sometimes with a more specific approach.


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On the program, you will discover :

  • What isIndustrial Augmented Reality 🤔
  • How AR impacts your OEE  🏭
  • The economic gains generated through AR and its immediate ROI 💸

At the end of this webinar, you will understand that Augmented Reality (AR), often labeled Digital / Industry 4.0, is not just a simple tool for innovation but a solution that creates instant value for your operational processes.

By directly addressing issues such as non-compliance, production rate or machine downtime, AR has immediate operational and economic impacts, practicable in any industry, for any type of operation.

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