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Augmented Reality: an innovative solution to stay ahead of the competition

Integrating an Augmented Reality solution into your site allows you to a considerable time saving at all the key stages of your industrial processes.

During a test carried out at one of our customers, we noted that by following the traditional maintenance protocol of its site on uncontrolled tasks, a maintenance operator with minimal experience was not able to perform 2 of the 4 operations without the intervention of a trade expert and obtained 3 errorsall in 1 hour. Using the solution Spectral TMSthe same operator was able to perform all tasks without assistance and without error, all in Thirty-two minutes..

In another attempt, a more experienced maintenance operator using conventional training methods was able to complete a maintenance operation in 48 minutes by obtaining 6 errorswhile one learner was able to perform the same operation in 26 minutes and without any error thanks to our AR solution.

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Investing in the future with an augmented reality solution

Industry 4.0, intelligent factory, digital transformation...all these expressions surely tell you something and for good reason! Many industries decide to start their digital transformation with new solutions (augmented reality, mixed reality or virtual reality for example) because they understood that the future of the industry had to go through digitalization. According to a study by Siemens Financial Services (SFS), companies have an opportunity of about 5 years, in order to prepare their digital transformation and switch from simple industry to Industry 4.0 and thus stay ahead of the competition. Investing now in an augmented reality solution is therefore investing in the future, choosing an augmented reality solution. reliable and cost-effective solution for the long term and ensure the sustainability of its industry's know-how through innovation.



Mutualise the transmission of know-how thanks to augmented reality

One of the many advantages of AR made possible by innovation is that it is able to operate at several levels within the same industrial site, so as to optimize each stage. Where your competitors carry out their maintenance operations independently of each other, the Spectral TMS solution centralizes all your industrial know-how It can accompany learners and improve your field teams; intervene on a production line and then optimize its quality control; assist the technician in real time during the execution of a maintenance operation on a specific industrial machine and help him to carry out a factory tour correctly and without forgetting. The innovation that is augmented reality makes it possible to  mutualise expertise handovered through the various devices used. It increases the efficiency and profitability of the industry over the long term to stay ahead of the competition that still have industrial protocols that are materialized or semi-dematerialized that make their processes heavy.



Innovation at the service of efficiency

In the industrial sector, it is complicated to stand out from the competition: the speed of execution is random and subject to regular controls. Thanks to innovation growth, the augmented reality has become a significant asset for any industry that wants to maintain its know-how, accelerate the speed of execution of its operators and increase its profitability. On demand, it superimposes virtual elements in the technician's operational field and instantly provides more details about a component, an industrial machine or a complex process. As a result, it is able, among other things, to accelerate and optimize the execution of an industrial maintenance task.

On average, we observe a 30% time saving on maintenance operations and a 50% time saving on training modules thanks to augmented reality that leads to important financial savings over a year. At Spectral TMS, we always help our customers to identify the various relevant use cases within their industrial site in order to make the use of an innovative solution such as augmented reality profitable.


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