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3 reasons to integrate Augmented Reality in your industry

The emergence of new technologies is a bairgain for the industry. The emergence of digital twins, BIM and IOT are just some of the many opportunities to modernize our plants, to improve their productivity of course, but also the well-being and safety of operators and the environmental impact.

Each of the innovations related to Industry 4.0 allows for the improvement of one or more of these areas. This is notably the case of Industrial Augmented Reality. So let's look at 3 reasons to integrate Augmented Reality in your industry.

(If you don't know what AR is, you can consult this articlewhich sums it up in a few sentences).


1. Optimize productivity

One of the major interests of Augmented Reality, if not the main interest, is to be able to guide operators, step by step, through different processes, providing them with the right information at the right place and at the right time.

In concrete terms, this will make it possible to significantly reduce errors and lost time during maintenance operations, ensuring that each operator has the answers to all his doubts at each stage of the process that he is in charge of carrying out.

As an example, the Industrial Augmented Reality solution of Spectral TMS is often used to optimize format change operations, which involve a sequence of manipulations more or less complex to perform, in a precise order. Every error is costly and every loss of time results in prolonged machine downtime, which in turn is expensive. In the best cases, the solution has reduced errors and lost time in such a way as tincrease production by 21%/year.


2. Reduce training time

A second interest of Industrial Augmented Reality is the reduction of training times. Whether for newcomers or temporary workers, training is time consuming and prevents them from concentrating on production.

With a solution like the one proposed by Spectral TMS, learners can learn independently : it's Augmented Reality, through Hololens 2 glasses (more infos here), which will guide the operator in his new functions, explaining how to carry out each of the tasks he will have to perform and familiarizing him with his new work environment. The advantage is therefore twofold: the learner's assimilation rate increases faster thanks to immersive training and the trainers' time is freed up. Discover the other advantages of AR!


3. Ensure a precise follow-up of field interventions

For many manufacturers, the obligations in terms of auditing are very heavy. This is particularly the case in the pharmaceutical or food industry. Audits are conducted regularly to ensure compliance with the obligations specific to these industries. Necessarily, these obligations lead to several control processes that mobilize many players and are particularly time-consuming.

Augmented Reality makes it possible to digitize all these processes. On the one hand, the use of AR makes it possible to carry out every check, without forgetting. On the other hand, it allows to have a dematerialized trace of these checks by digitizing checklists in real time, and allowing the addition of evidence (photos, videos), which are then stored in a database organized according to the specific needs of each manufacturer. And all this, without any effort!


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