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Spectral TMS raises €2 million to finance its strong growth in Industrial Augmented Reality

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Spectral TMSa leading French startup in the field of autonomous augmented reality for the industrial sector, raises €2 million in a seed financing round that marks the entry into its capital of the Elaia investment fund, together with the historical investors of Spectral TMS.


Founded in 2018 by Amaury Cottin and Maxence Boucas, Spectral TMS simplifies the hand over and dissemination of industrial know-how. The startup publishes an augmented reality solution which accompanies, guides and trains industrial technicians during maintenance, production and operating operations.


Doubled productivity

Coupled with mixed reality Hololens 2 glasses from Microsoft, the SpectralTMS solution integrates very simply contextual digital information in the technician's field of vision. Hands free and dynamically informed, it performs its operations twice as fast, easily and without errors. Every operator instantly becomes an expert!

A unique offer

It is by multiplying contacts with technicians that the two co-founders learned to understand the needs of industry and were able to develop a product simple to deploy, easy to use and precisely customizable. The founders of Spectral TMS have surrounded themselves with a team of 15 experts in augmented reality to design the only software that makes industrial teams truly autonomous: a web platform allows technicians to build and modify Augmented Reality processes online, without outside help.


A very promising outcome for Spectral TMS

Cédric Favier, Venture Partner at Elaia explains: "The industrial sector has accelerated its digital transformation to enter into The New Era of Industry 4.0 and the coronavirus pandemic has only added to the skills gap problem. Spectral TMS' Augmented Reality Solution enables its customers to reach operational excellence around the world by promoting the sharing and transfer of knowledge, training, and the process digitalization. We are proud to accompany Spectral TMS in this phase of commercial acceleration and deployment on an European scale.


In just one year, Spectral TMS has carried out about 20 pilot projects with several industrial accounts, including one international deployment with a major CAC 40 group ! This fund raising will allow Spectral TMS to continue its development with these industries now in the deployment phase and who wish to bring a reliable and turnkey solution to their technicians, especially in times of crisis.



About Spectral TMS

Spectral TMS is a French startup that publishes an augmented reality software for the industrial sector. It supports industries in their digital transformation while facilitating the transmission of their know-how. By radically accelerating learning and making it instantly accessible, its mission is to offer manufacturers tools to enable them to expand internationally. 

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About Elaia

Elaia is a leading European venture capital company with a strong technological DNA. We support innovative tech startups that have the ambition to expand internationally. For 17 years, our commitment has been to deliver high performance with value. 

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