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3 reasons why Augmented Reality can minimize the impact of Covid-19 in Industry

The country has been gradually losing ground for a week now. In France as well as internationally, the industrial sector has regained its activity facing crucial problems that are destined to last and closely linked to the consequences of Covid-19.

Indeed, industrial companies that were shut down or in degraded mode limited their maintenance operations during the health crisis, sometimes leaving their factories abandoned (cf. article). Production lines that have been switched off for almost two months have considerably reduced the turnover of industrial companies, which now have to catch up. Constraints related to Covid-19 are prompting factories to introduce new health standards to protect their employees. But how can factories effectively respect social distancing while maintaining their activities? How can companies regain an activity when the workforce is destined to remain reduced for at least several weeks?

At the time of the French reopening, Covid-19 continues to leave its mark and a significant impact in the industrial sector. There used to be a before lockdown, now there is an after, which will have to be dealt with in order to adapt. The solution to deal with these problems can be summed up in two words: Augmented Reality.

Discover 3 reasons why Augmented Reality can minimize the impact of Covid-19 on the Industry.


1. Choosing Augmented Reality for its competitiveness and profitability in the industrial sector

With the after-effects left by Covid-19, the recovery of industrial activity is faced with a major problem: how to maintain the same pre-lockdown output with reduced teams, plants in degraded mode and a loss of earnings that would jeopardize any company? This is an unusual situation that the industrial sector is facing today and in the next months.

However, introducing an Augmented Reality solution such as Spectral TMS on your industrial sites, would allow your operational teams to organize themselves quickly in order to restart the production lines as soon as possible, without favouring one hub more than another. In 30 minutes, the directives can be digitized by the expert thanks to the fast and intuitive creation of scenarios in Augmented Reality, allowing to transmit in a detailed way the industrial process of the operations to be carried out in priority and necessary for the good functioning of factories. The operational teams will only have to equip themselves with Augmented Reality glasses to access instantly all the know-how.

Adopt Augmented Reality in Industry enables production lines to restart quickly when they are switched off and to sustainably reduce the time required to carry out the most complex industrial maintenance operations, even with a considerably reduced team. On average, we observe a 30% time saving on complex maintenance operations thanks to the Augmented Reality solutionSpectral TMS.This leads to proactive operators and higher profitability on the production lines. This is partly explained by a much faster average execution speed thanks to an intuitive Augmented Reality guidance on each step to be performed. Thus, Augmented Reality in Industry is beneficial, it helps Industry to regain its competitiveness and soften the financial impact imposed by the Covid-19 in the last two months.




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2. Optimize your industrial processes with AR

The Covid-19 is pushing many companies to reshuffle their workstations in order to comply with the new health regulations imposed. From now on, industrial sites are faced with new problems that will continue over time: how can they cope with such a heavy workload with a team that is destined to remain small for a certain period of time? How to ensure that maintenance operations are carried out at the right time? How can industrial processes be efficiently optimised?

Faced with these major long-term challenges, it is becoming essential to sustainably optimize industrial processes. Augmented Reality is a real assistant to your operational teams when they need it: on the one hand, it allows them to quickly digitize their maintenance protocols in order to obtain a unique source of know-how during their various maintenance operations; on the other hand, it helps and guides the maintenance technician on a daily basis to identify anomalies and resolve them quickly thanks to real-time guidance at the place of operation. Imagine how this could make the daily life of your teams easier during this difficult period.

Likewise, for efficient reporting of data, each maintenance operation carried out will be reported on the SaaS platformSpectral Studio and will allow your operational teams to be able to report in real time the problems encountered thanks to digital content (PDF, audio, video...) that your business expert will be able to consult immediately in order to carry out regular monitoring and control and thus promote preventive maintenance. What you need to understand with Augmented Reality in Industryis that it instantly transforms each maintenance operator into an expert who will be able to carry out each part of your industrial process in total autonomy, whether it is maintenance at all levels, quality control, production or manufacturing. It adapts to each problem related to your industrial site to deal with your use cases and transmit the essential know-how to each maintenance operator.


3. Effectively transmit know-how through Augmented Reality despite the mandatory social distancing in the industry.

With social distancing, you're probably wondering how you're going to be able to ask your operational teams to work effectively together without being too close? How can you enable newcomers or young temporary workers to continue their training in the best possible way, without putting them at risk? In short, you want to be able to regain your activity while protecting your teams, but how?

The Remote Assist is a feature you might like. Indeed, it allows you to establish a remote relationship between your operational teams and your remote experts or customers, wherever they are. The operator shares his operational field of vision with the expert who sees through the eyes of the technician from his workstation and in real time. For your field teams who have to work together for training, for example, or for your more experienced technicians who do not wish to wait for the arrival of an expert to perform a maintenance operation, an intuitive Augmented Reality solution allows almost immediate adaptability of the operational teams, whatever their level of technical skills in maintenance and their ease with the new technologies of Augmented Reality. Simple virtual indications superimposed in their operational field of view or digital documents (PDF, audio, video, 3D models) increase the transmission of your industry specific know-how to your learners by 60%.

At Spectral TMS, the transmission of know-how is essential. The introduction of theAugmented reality in the industry enables the skills of the business experts to be retained over the long term in order to perpetuate the company. Mentoring times are reduced by 50% to allow learners to train in partial autonomy and experts to concentrate on other essential tasks, while regularly monitoring the skills development of their learners from the intuitive Spectral Studio platform. New functionalities are coming soon to develop the quality of training in the industrial sector. Follow our news on LinkedIn to be informed.


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