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Optimization of industrial maintenance thanks to Augmented Reality

In the industrial environment, maintenance is an important issue because it ensures the smooth running of the production line. It is necessary to optimize its industrial maintenance by ensuring that the equipment used works properly in order to avoid certain disastrous consequences.

In order to achieve this optimization, there are today many innovations in the field of immersive technology such as Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality or Augmented Reality. This technology, which has been on the market for several years now, helps to improve business procedure by allowing operators to have all the necessary information in their field of vision through Augmented Reality glasses. This represents a considerable short and long term advantage for manufacturers.

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The contribution of Augmented Reality in the industrial environment

In the industrial environment, we are increasingly seeing the emergence of new technologies to improve processes, particularly with regard to tool maintenance. Among these, we find Augmented Reality, which today is a technology that brings real added value to companies in the industrial sector.

The industrial technicians are accompanied during their operations by Augmented Reality thanks to a step-by-step guidance and real-time monitoring of their interventions, which enables them to optimize industrial maintenance. When the operator wears the Augmented Reality glasses, he has at his disposalall the information necessary for the smooth running of its maintenance operation and he's also free to move around. Wearing Augmented Reality Glasses allows you to have your hands free, which is not always the case with a tablet, a telephone, a computer or even paper documents.

The objective with Augmented Reality is to allow the operator to be the most performant possible by providing quick results. With the Spectral TMS solution, we ensure that technicians can intervene as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown, in order to limit machine downtime, which can sometimes be long and very costly. We also intervene in cases of preventive maintenance, especially when it comes to carrying out checks in order to avoid possible breakdowns that can arise and slow down the activity.


The importance of Augmented Reality in industrial processes

Present in many sectors, Augmented Reality is gradually becoming an essential element in the industry 4.0. It allows to obtain important productivity gains thanks to the time saving realized on certain operations. At Spectral TMS, we seek to improve the efficiency of technicians by limiting the errors they could make during their interventions. These errors can sometimes be very costly, which can be damaging to the company. This is why we aim to reach an error level of 0!

It is alsoimportant to acquire new technologies to stand out from the competition in terms of productivity. Augmented Reality can also intervene in the training of technicians specialized in industrial maintenance. It allows to reduce the mentoring time of these newcomers by allowing them to be as autonomous as possible while having mastered all the risks and the stakes of the operations.


Augmented Reality: the ally of industrial operators

Increasingly used, Augmented Reality is today a real advantage for industrial technicians. Operators benefit from live assistance that guides and helps them during their interventions. Wearing Augmented Reality glasses helps optimize the operator's concentration and allows him to intervene quickly and efficiently because he has all the information he needs right in front of his eyes and in real time. When there is a breakdown, the technician can quickly identify and treat the problem and avoid slowing down production. This results in a significant gain in productivity thanks to optimized industrial maintenance.

At Spectral TMS, we are developing an Augmented Reality solution that supports operators in the industrial sector in order to optimize industrial maintenance. This Augmented Reality solution has a real advantage in order to improve industrial maintenance because it supports technicians during their operations thanks to a real-time hand over of information, but it is also an asset in the training of newcomers, in order to make them more efficient, as well as in the insertion of companies in Industry 4.0.


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