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Remote Assist, Augmented Reality & Industry 4.0, okay, but for what purpose?

Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Innovation. These words have now become essential in the field of Industry, everyone is talking about it, but what does it actually consist of? 

It is difficult to answer that question. At Spectral TMS we do not claim to be able to answer it completely. However, we are able to share with you our expertise in the area of Augmented Reality.

Specifically, today we will be talking about the Remote Assist (include remote expert) and the interest of such a solution for your operational teams and for your company.


Optimize interactions between experts and technicians in the field

A problem that occurs in the field (a breakdown on a machine for example) must be solved as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of the operator. At our customers, we have found that most operators take the initiative to solve the problem:

Without having the time to wait for an expert to visit the site to see the problem.

Sometimes relying on documents that are often out of date.

These are then the perfect conditions for errors (often very expensive) to occur.

1- Communicate more easily while reducing travel time

Remote Assist allows a business expert to see through the eyes of an operator in the field, while allowing them to communicate with each other. In addition to seeing what the operator sees, the expert has the ability to interact with what he sees by adding arrows or surrounding specific areas. These interactions help contextualize the information that the experts communicate to the technicians. It is therefore no longer necessary to wait for an expert to travel on site since he can perform a diagnosis from his workstation.

2- Increasing technicians' performances

In addition to the interactions we have just mentioned, the business experts, thanks to Remote Assist, also have the possibility to push documentation: it can be PDFs, images or any other type of necessary documents.

The advantage of this feature is twofold. On the one hand, the person in the field is no longer obliged to bring his paper documentation with him and therefore has both hands free at all times during an intervention; and on the other hand, the expert acting from his computer has access to all the up-to-date documentation, which allows the technician to rely on the correct version of the documents used. What more and more companies are calling the numerical continuity allows your field operators to work safely, while relying on the right documentation.

Finally, from his home, the expert can share his expertise with any technician present in the field, whatever his location, in France or abroad. More globally, Remote Assist will allow your teams to be at the same level of skills, and this for all your teams around the world.


Improve the quality of service to differentiate yourself from the competition

Companies face increasingly aggressive competition on a daily basis. Remote Assist, and more generally Industry 4.0, allows industries in all sectors to stand out in the face of this competition. What are the main levers that will allow you to make the difference on your next contracts?

1- A differentiating value proposition to win projets calls

At the end of 2018, SUEZ won a call for tenders issued by the Toulouse Metropolitan Area for €500 million for twelve years (see article). The innovative capacity of a company like SUEZ has tipped the balance in its favour. Today, there are more and more examples of this type in the industrial ecosystem.

Indeed, whether with private or public entities, innovation is taking an increasingly important place in decision-making. Remote Assist, and more generally Augmented Reality, is a part of the digital revolution that we know in the industrial field. It works alone but it is also possible to set up synergies with other existing solutions. It is entirely possible to couple an Augmented Reality solution with your CMMS. A CMMS, such as the one proposed by Mobility Work is a good example.

2- What is the value proposition for Remote Assist?

It is worth mentioning that not all innovative solutions on the market will necessarily meet your needs and expectations. A good solution, or rather a solution that will allow you to stand out from the competition, is a solution that improves your industrial processes. 

The technical and economic benefits of an innovation are sometimes difficult to identify in the short term. For Remote Assist, they are quite obvious:

Reduction of your transport costs As seen above, your experts can share their Know-How with everyone from one place.

Reduction of machine downtime The technicians can call on an expert very quickly to obtain a first diagnosis.

Error reduction The availability of constantly updated documentation ensures that the right actions are taken at the right time.

Taken together, these cost-optimizing benefits will allow you to implement a differentiating sales strategy to set yourself apart from your competitors.


Is there any other solution(s) other than Remote Assist? 

However, how do you deal with teams operating in different time zones? If I don't have network access, does Remote Assist work? My expert is busy with another team, should I wait?

We notice that the Remote Assist solution proposed by Microsoft can, very quickly, allow you to optimize the efficiency of your operational teams while offering you a competitive advantage on your market, but this implies a certain adaptation :

Of your infrastructures

From your teams

From the organization of the company

A solution like the one offered by Spectral TMS allows you to handover your Know-HowYou can use it anywhere, anytime without being dependent on the availability of an expert or access to an internet connection.

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