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Why does Augmented Reality optimize training in Industry?

The training of new arrivals or young temporary workers plays a major role in the sustainability of the industry and its know-how. Each year, a large budget is allocated to the creation of various training modules, most often requiring the mobilisation of several business experts capable of handing over the know-how they are sometimes the only one to possess . However, the retirement of only one of these experts would be crucial for the company; and without an efficient hand over of know-how, it is a waste of time that represents a significant financial cost each year. To overcome these major problems, Augmented Reality represents a considerable asset with immediate and substantial results over time.. Find out why Augmented Reality optimizes industry training.

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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality: how do you find yourself among these immersive technologies?

More and more innovative technologies are becoming essential in the industrial sector thanks to their performance in the field. Among these technologies, we find three that have been emerging for a few years now. They are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Often confused or misused, we propose to clarify their origin and scope, in order to provide a better understanding of these three technologies.

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